State and carriers must together protect the TIR System from criminal actions

The International Road Transport Union (IRU) publicly declares that the international transit system of road haulages (TIR, Transport International Routier=International Road Transport) is an extremely important for the economy of Russia and that the increasing number of claims resulting from fraudulent acts of cargo owners, that are laid to carriers by customs bodies jeopardize not only the existence of the TIR System in Russia, but also its international authority. Constant and close cooperation between the IRU, Association of International Road Carriers of Russia (ASMAP) and Russian authorities and law-enforcement bodies is necessary to identify and eliminate fraudulent acts....



The Road International Transport Union (IRU), founded in 1948, is the only international non-governmental organization representing the interests of road transport industry of 68 countries worldwide: in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. The IRU headquarters are located in Geneva (Switzerland). It has two Delegations set up in Brussels and Moscow, whose role is to coordinate and reinforce the IRU policies and practices respectively in the European Union and CIS Member States...


NEWS OF Legislation

1. Federal laws

2. Decision of the Constitutional Court

3. Statutory acts by ministries and departments